Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Steps for When Your Car Overheats

This summer, overheating cars is a common concern. For those driving when the temperature is soaring, its important to know what to do in case your engine overheats. Here are some steps to follow in case this occurs:

1. Turn off your engine.

2. Observe your hood. Do not open the hood if you see steam. Instead, wait until the steam goes away.
If you see smoke, do not under any circumstances open the hood. Instead, step away from the car and call for help.

3. Open the hood once everything has cooled off and it is safe to look at the engine.

4. Check the coolant levels of your car. Your owners manual will explain in detail how to do this. Add coolant if necessary. Take extra precaution when opening the radiator.

5. Close the hood and restart the engine.

6. Observe again. If you notice liquid coming from the engine, you have a burst hose and will need to avoid driving the car to avoid further damage.

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