Monday, November 22, 2010

Types of Car Warranties

When people buy a car, they often look for accessories that go with it like a CD or DVD player and a TV set among others. But one important option that they overlook is the car warranty. A warranty is important because it protects you from costly repairs. Each car comes with a different warranty so you should be aware of what you're getting in your warranty so that you can have peace of mind.

There are four general types of warranties: the basic warranty, drivetrain coverage, rust or corrosion coverage and roadside assistance.

The basic warranty covers all basic components of the vehicle. These are the things that are expected to break down due to normal wear and tear. This includes oil systems, windshield wipers and mirrors. If these items are covered, they will be replaced free of charge if they are damaged.

The drivetrain coverage protects the mechanical parts of the car. But there are limitations to this kind of coverage. For instance, if your engine breaks down, you won't get a new one. But certain parts of the engine are covered and will be fixed for free.

Rust or corrosion coverage means that your car is protected from damage caused by rust. However, this type of warranty is limited to the kind of damage that causes a hole in the vehicle's body. Surface rust is excluded.

Finally, there is the roadside assistance warranty that keeps you safe on the road. If you encounter a problem while driving, the manufacturer will send someone to help you. This coverage can range from vehicle problems, running out of gas or simply leaving your keys in the car.

Investing in an extended car warranty will often cover several of the basic services offered by other car warranties, and will keep your mind at ease knowing that no huge maintenance cost will be waiting in the future.

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