Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tips on How to Travel with Kids

Traveling with children can be challenging, but if you plan properly, there really is no need for a five-alarm, or any emergency to occur. Just as people purchase extended warranties for their cars, you can prepare a can't-miss list that will guarantee you trip with the children is safe, fun, and memorable.
  • Pack a portable children's toilet. This will make a big difference if an emergency happens.
  • You can't go wrong with pillows! Kids like to sleep during car trips so make sure you pack a pillow and blanket for each tiny head.
  • Install or bring along folding games or eating surface attached to the back of the front seats. These versatile areas are great for games, snacks, drawing, or board games.
  • Pack a few games that you know the kids like to play, and already know how to play.
  • Snacks are all important to kids. Just make sure that the ones you pack are healthy, convenient, and not messy.
  • Make sure each child has his or her own backpack. This keeps those minor battles to a minimum. You will be in for a more peaceful trip if each little one has a pack that contains snacks, games, pencils, pens, crayons, paper, and maybe a favorite teddy bear or blanket.
  • Music, depending on how old your children are, is perfect for passing the time.
  • Don't forget to take a first aid kit just in case. You never know what can happen when you travel with kids, you have to be ready.
The key is to see that the kiddos do many different things; snacks, discussions, games, reading, drawing, napping, etc. Sometimes, audiotape stories are perfect for filling an hour or two or three. Most kids like either funny or mildly spooky stories, and retailers are happy to offer it. Pack a dozen or so audio books for the trip, and be sure to save some of the best ones for that time when "nothing seems to quiet them down.

Finally, do not forget that the long haul can be difficult, so be sure to take plenty of rest and bathroom stops if possible. Parks and roadside rest areas are good enough for a game of Frisbee or catch, a quick trip to the bathroom, or a short walk.

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