Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Get Your Car Repaired Correctly the First Time

Many people dread taking their car in for repairs solely because they are never sure what to expect. Even with the coverage of an extended warranty or original auto warranty, things may pop up that need to be repaired asap that you weren't expecting. You want to make sure everything is fixed correctly the first time around so that these repairs don't become later surprises. There are several things you want to talk to your auto mechanic about when you take the vehicle in for service that will help you know what needs to be repaired and for how much.

  • Never accept a ball park estimate on what the repairs will be. You want to know, in writing from the mechanic, what the repairs will entail, what kind of parts it will need, how long it will take and the price. If the mechanic can't narrow down the price, find a different one who can.
  • If, in the midst of the repair, the mechanic discovers the vehicle needs additional work, don't blindly accept the pronouncement. Ask for a detailed list of what is needed, why it's needed and why it wasn't noticed during the diagnostic phase.
  • Don't let yourself be pressured into a repair or warranty repair that you aren't quite certain you need. Ask the mechanic for a detailed estimate of what needs to be complete on the vehicle then go ask for a second opinion.
  • Make certain you get all estimates in writing and have them itemized by the type of repair, the cost of the part and how long the repair will take. Take time to scrutinize all of the charges and look to see if those parts are covered under your warranty.

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