Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Buy the Best Used Car

When in the market for a used car, there are some step that can make your shopping experience prove a more desirable outcome. Buying a used car does not have to be a horrible experience. Now-a-days, the consumer is able to gain so much information on the car prior to buying it, that the consumer is calling the shots. All it takes is a little homework.
  1. Figure out how much you are able to afford. Have this amount decided on before you venture out and stick to the number. Don't get talked into over-spending!
  2. Check into your options for financing. You do not always have to use the dealership to set up your financing. You can often get secure financing before knowing the make or model of a car. Ask about options that may get you lower interest rates, such as having a credit card through that bank, direct deposit or electronic monthly payment.
  3. Take into consideration the total cost of the car. This would include costs for tax, registration, title, licensing, and insurance. These costs combined typically add ten percent to the price of the car. Be sure this fits your budget and skip over cars that are right at, or just under your budget to give yourself some wiggle room.
  4. Leave enough in the budget to purchase an extended car warranty. This does not have to be done through the dealer. It can be done on your computer, online, through a third-party. So be sure to comparison shop and choose the best warranty for you.
  5. Do your homework. Make sure the car you're getting is the best car for you. It has been said that this is where a large number of buyers make their mistake. Rather than purchasing the car that best meets their needs, consumers tend to fall for a more flashy car that ends up not being the right car for them because it does not meet their needs.
  6. Finally, take advantage of the world at your fingertips. Make use of the Internet to comparison shop. Research features of different cars in your price range. Visit the websites developed by car manufacturers. Check out customer satisfactory information. Do everything you can to be sure before you sign the papers.

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