Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dangers on the Roadway

Every time you head out on the roads you face the possibility of an accident. This is not something you want to think about but if you’re aware of the inherent dangers you can be prepared. In addition to the drivers on the road with whom you must contend, you may be coping with bad weather, increased congestion and icy roads. You’d like to think that the other drivers behind the wheel are paying as much attention as you are but for all you know the other drivers could be distracted by a phone call or texting or could even be under the influence of alcohol. A tiny lapse in concentration on the road can lead to an accident.

When you consider that there are 10,000 accidents daily and these result in 300,000 injuries it’s best to pay careful attention. Statistics also show that close to 90% of all accidents are caused by human error with the rest being made up by poor road conditions or vehicle failure.
Many vehicle failure accidents, however, are the result of poor maintenance. Individuals who make the investment in an extended car warranty may have a better chance of keeping their vehicles in proper working order. A vehicle that is under warranty gives the owner the impetus to take the vehicle to the garage for repairs when necessary.
Roads today are in worse condition than they were several decades ago. Studies show that one in every five miles of road fails a skid test. Improperly positioned road signs, inadequate road drainage and pot holes are also the cause of road-related accidents.
Regardless of the other reasons for motor vehicle accidents, driver distraction still remains the biggest factor. From a screaming child to talking or texting to spilling food or drink, drivers are increasingly more distracted than they were in the past. It’s been shown that drivers using cell phones without a hands-free device are four times more likely to be involved in an accident with another driver. Fatigue and alcohol or drug related accidents account for close to 15% of all accidents and 35% of motor vehicle related deaths. Excess speed only plays a minor part in the number of motor vehicle accidents reported.
Your best bet to remain safe on the highway is to always pay attention to the road and not let yourself be distracted by outside sources such as the telephone. Your reaction time to the drivers around you can help keep you safe.

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