Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Safety Tips When Selling Your Car

Selling your vehicle in a private deal can bring with it some potential safety hazards, so care needs to be taken when listing the car and when meeting with potential buyers. Regardless of where you list your vehicle for sale you want to make certain you don’t list your home address in the advertisement and if possible, list a cell phone number rather than a home phone number. Take precautions for your safety when selling your car. Never give your home or work address to a stranger. You should always miss the potential car buyer in a public location. While you certainly don’t want to be scared of anyone that you meet, it is always best to be safe than sorry when it comes to potential transactions when selling a car or any other item.
Meet potential car buyers at a public location like a mall parking lot or other public place.

If your vehicle still has any time or miles left on its warranty and if your car warranty is transferable, you will want to make certain that is part of your advertisement. A car warranty is a selling point in any vehicle sale and will certainly increase its value. Also, when talking to a potential seller ask questions to try and get to know them before you meet them. While you certainly can’t truly get to know a stranger during the course of a short phone call, you can get a gut feeling on whether you want to meet them or not.

When making plans to meet a prospective buyer for your car, never invite them to come to your home or office. Meet them in a public place, like a mall parking lot, at a time when there is bound to be quite a bit of traffic. Also take a friend along with you when you go meet the prospective buyer. There is safety in numbers and it’s likely that the buyer will want to take the car for a test drive and you don’t want to let them go alone and you don’t want to get into a car with a perfect stranger either. Ask for the driver’s license before you let the person take it for a ride and make certain the info on the license matches the person in front of you.

Your instincts won’t lead you astray when it comes to setting up a meeting with a potential car buyer. Anyone who is interested in buying a car will have a lot of questions to ask about the vehicle and if they don’t that should give you a warning sign. Spend some time asking the person what they’re looking for in a car and see if you believe yours will meet their needs. Make sure, too that you don’t let someone be overly aggressive with you in negotiating the price of the car before – or while – they’re meeting with you. There are individuals who are simply looking to buy a used car and flip it for a profit so they will look to talk you down on price as low as they can.

You are obviously anxious to sell your car but don’t be overly anxious or the buyer will hear it in your voice and they will want to talk you down in price. Keep in mind, too that a buyer will be interested in getting as much information as possible before even wanting to meet with you to see your car – it is a two way street between the buyer and the seller.

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