Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gas Mileage Ratings - An Important Tool

Want to save on gas? With today's escalating fuel prices, who doesn't? The best way to do this is to look at gas mileage ratings before buying a car. Keeping track of this will help you save money in these hard times. Checking gas mileage ratings may sound like a boring task but you'll benefit greatly in the long run from the information you obtain.

The ratings tell which vehicles can give you better gas mileage. You can go online to check this or simply check the vehicle if you have time. What are the benefits of knowing gas mileage ratings? The most obvious is you can save a lot.

By knowing your gas mileage, you can change your driving habits to improve fuel efficiency. This can be achieved by driving less aggressively, using cruise control often, paying attention to the posted speed limit, and limiting the use of your air conditioning. All of these will help you save money.

Being informed of gas mileage ratings can also tell you if something is wrong with your tires. Its a fact that properly inflated tires reduce rolling resistance which, in turn, increases gas mileage for your car. In contrast, problems like excessive wear can decrease gas mileage. Out of balance tires can likewise affect your gas mileage in a bad way. If you observe a drop in the miles per gallon your car is getting, check your tires. You may need to buy new ones or have your tires balance corrected.

You can tell if you're using the wrong kind of oil for your car by observing gas mileage. To be safe, use the brand recommended by the manufacturer for better gas mileage. Remember that various types of motor oil have different operating temperatures and viscosity ratings all of which affect the health of your engine. There's no need to buy the most expensive oil; just use the oil the manufacturer suggests and you're in good hands.

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