Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Safe Driving Habits

Vehicle accidents are far too common. Contributing to today’s high injury and fatality rates from such accidents can be in part contributed to reckless driving. In order to protect yourself and your passengers, make sure that you are engaging in safe driving habits. Taking precautions and developing better driving habits can be life saving. Making sure that you are a safe driver protects you and others on the road.
Probably the most important of all driving habits is to make sure that you are in a state to drive in the first place. Never drive after drinking and do not get behind the wheel if you are too tired to do so.

Next, avoid distractions while driving. This includes talking to others, using your cell phone, doing your hair or makeup or anything else that could distract you from focusing on the road. If you are worried about properly applying eyeliner or texting your friends, you are not fully focused on what you are doing and can be more prone to accidents.

When behind the wheel, make driving maneuvers that are smart and don’t put others in danger. This includes properly using turn signals, especially when making lane changes. Do not run red lights or stop signs. Always be mindful of pedestrians and bicyclists. Do not let road rage get the best of you. Take the emotion out of driving and try to make good decisions. This is especially true if the weather is bad. Take extra precautions in rain or snow. Remember to break more gradually and earlier if there is ice on the ground.

Safe driving habits extend to making sure your car is prepped for the road. Always perform regular maintenance and make sure that all fluid levels are sufficient. Additionally, check tires for normal wear and replace them if necessary. Finally, you will want to make sure that you are completely covered behind the wheel in case you need to make costly repairs.

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