Friday, June 15, 2012

Fact and Fiction of Extended Car Warranties

The newer vehicles of today come with new and improved manufacturer warranties. Often times it is a three-year warranty, other times you get lucky and it is five-years. Either way, these warranties can come in handy at any time. However, it is after these warranties expire that you should worry and this is why you need an extended warranty for cars.

Extended car warranties come with a lot of rumor, and many false beliefs about what an extended car warranty is. To help you out, here are some fact and fiction topics on extended warranties:

  • I am covered under the manufacturer’s warranty therefore I don’t have a need for further auto warranty insurance. This is false. There are so many reasons to purchase extended warranties. Besides a house, your car or truck is life’s biggest investment. Having this kind of warranty available will ensure that your vehicle stays in the best shape possible. Imagine the labor costs these days on top of major repairs. Repairs can get very expensive, very quickly. 
  • A “wear and tear” warranty is the same as a “mechanical breakdown” warranty. If you do not have both in your warranty contract, then you are leaving yourself open to major issues down the road. You have so many things that can go wrong with an engine and only certain warranties cover certain parts.
  • If I have an extended car warranty, I can run my car into the ground. A vehicle should still be properly maintained so make sure you pay attention to your owner’s manual. Keep all of your maintenance records handy for future use and remember that neglecting your car can actually cause your warranty to be voided.

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