Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Planning That Summer Road Trip

Several of our favorite family memories center around road trips, especially the ones that quickly become more stressful than others. For that reason, here are some guidelines to assist in planning a successful road trip this summer.

Begin by planning entertainment along the way. If a DVD player is not already built into your car, consider buying or renting one. Bring a variety of family favorites and a few new DVDs to watch.

Consent to letting your children transport a few comfort items, for instance a special doll or blanket. Additionally, consider ways to ensure they are entertained. Pack a mixture of differing things such as word searches, handheld game systems and coloring books.

Allow the whole family to take part in the planning. Make decisions about which historical sites you will stop to see along the way. Let each family member take on an assignment and learn about one of the sites you will stop at. Once you arrive that family member can be the tour guide.

Make pit stops part of your plan. Pack a basket of fun stuff, such as balls and baseball gloves. Once you spot a nice park, pull in for lunch and pull out the basket. This way everyone can get a nice little break at the same time.

Prior to leaving on a road trip, get your car serviced. The fun of the trip quickly comes to a halt once car trouble begins. Have your car’s hoses, caps, fluids, filters and belts checked. Check that you have a copy of your car warranty in the car, too. If you do not have a warranty, consider getting one before leaving. This will help you get various car problems fixed in a hurry, without the shock of a cost you were not prepared for. Then you can quickly get on with the fun.

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