Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dealing With Vehicle History Reports

If you are on the market for a new or used car, you should really know the history of that car before you decide to buy it. In fact, you will get so accustomed to knowing the system that vehicle history reports will become first-hand knowledge really quick. You will learn how to spot the inaccuracies of a vehicle as well as the good points and this will get you a little closer in buying your new or used car.
You will notice that many services will use different formats when handing out their reports. Some vehicle report agencies you will recognize, like Carfax, and then there are many that you have never heard of that still offer great service.
Take a look at these items as they are going to be the list of details you want to jot down when getting a vehicle history report:
- Engine type (4.0/2.0 etc)- Age of the vehicle- Year/Model/Make/Style (2004 Camry Toyota 2DR Hatchback)- Calculated vehicle owners (For example: 2 previous owners)- VIN number- Country car was manufactured in- Last registered odometer reading- Accidents- Repair history
- Ownership records
When you go to compare a vehicle against the history report you ran, make sure that the information on the report matches up to the car. Sellers can make mistakes but then some may actually try to pull a fast one on you.
Pay very close attention to something called “calculated vehicle owners”. This is a section that tells you how many owners the car has had. For instance, a car with multiple owners probably has poor maintenance records so try to get these from the last owner if you can.
- Auto warranties

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