Thursday, July 12, 2012

Types of Extended Car Warranties

An owner that has extended car warranties for their vehicles is a smart owner, plain and simple. Why? Because they are covered from things that may go wrong after the factory warranty expires. You won’t need an extended warranty for cars if you only plan to keep your vehicle for a couple of years. However, if you plan on using it for longer than three or four years- you should really think about investing in one of the (if not all) extended warranties. Here is a little info about warranties:
The Basic Warranty- This is the initial vehicle warranty you get once you purchase a vehicle. Usually all of the factory components are going to be covered and this is the best comprehensive coverage you are going to get.

Powertrain- This warranty will only cover the powertrain, hence the name. This means the transmission, drive system, engine and trans axle specifically and anything that is internally involved in making these work.
Federal Emissions Warranty- This one protects you from all of the costs that may arise from failures that may happen due to manufacturer defects. If the vehicle doesn’t pass inspection or becomes a hazard on the road, emissions-wise, you can put this warranty into effect.
Performance Warranty- Covers usually the first couple of years and is put into effect because the vehicle might have failed emissions.
Defect and Design Warranty- This covers repairs of defective emission parts for vehicles 1995 and newer.

Corrosion Warranty- Covers rust but this is limited. Be sure you read what is and is not included, and perhaps consider an additional plan to cover other missing parts.
Finding the right auto extended warranty takes some patience as well as careful research. Be sure you compare quotes and coverage before making your final decision. And remember: cheaper does not always mean better!

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