Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to File a Car Warranty Claim With Less Stress

Have you ever sat down in a mechanic’s shop and been told that the bill is going to cost an outrageous amount? Many figure their car is covered under an auto warranty and assume that their claim will be approved. Yet when their claim notification comes back, many are shocked to find that either the car warranty has expired, or that their claim has been denied due to wrong or bad filing.

Help yourself out by following these tips that will prevent your auto claim from being denied as well as extending the overall life of the vehicle in question.

  1. If you buy a car, ask about any issues the vehicle may have. If the vehicle had an issue before the purchase and it didn’t come attached with an auto warranty, chances are it won’t be covered under a new one.
  2. Regular maintenance is a must. Change your oil on time as well as any filters and belts. Keeping receipts is a good idea too but make sure they are computerized because most warranty companies do not like handwritten ones.
  3. Treat your car with care and this means when you are driving it as well!
  4. Read your car warranty before you install anything in or on your car. You don’t want to void the warranty by adding unapproved parts.
  5. If there is a problem with your vehicle, get it checked out immediately. Do not continue to drive it because this can just make matters worse.

When filing a claim, there are steps you need to take in order to maximize your chances of the claim being approved easily:

  1. Go to a mechanic that you can trust. Make sure you are clear when you describe what the problem is.
  2. Get a detailed report of what the mechanic says the problem is on a receipt or invoice.
  3. Hold off on starting the repairs until you have had a chance to talk with your car warranty representative.
  4. Make sure you contact the auto warranty company by phone to ensure that your company will approve the repair work done at that shop. 
  5. Ensure the mechanic can file your claim. This will make it easier on you.

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