Monday, August 27, 2012

Buying Your First Car: Tips to Get Started

Your first car will change your life. Only with a car are you really "mobile" and gain the independence and freedom that many crave. A car is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, so choosing wisely when buying is exceedingly important. Before considering the price and the financing of a car, however, you should worry about the intended use.

The Car for Leisure Purposes
If you do not need the car for business purposes, you should take into account the possibility of buying a car that isn’t that expensive. You do not want to be paying for one just to be riding around in it for fun. Insurance companies charge you more if you are joy riding. Ask about a car warranty as well, as different cars offer different warranties on them.

The Funding
Determine what amount per month for car financing and ongoing maintenance costs you will have for the car. You should be concerned with the purchase price, down payment, the amount of rates and maintenance costs.

Often car buyers are paying too much and they are not critical enough. They are grateful that they get a loan and they sign the credit agreement and trust an insurance contract without seeking alternative bids. Always shop around!

Extended Warranty
Check additional extended auto warranty possibilities. Always think about on whether or not you will be keeping your vehicle past a couple of years. If you are, then this is a great investment and can help you save on repair costs in the future.

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