Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tips for Getting Rid of Rust

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Nobody likes seeing rust on his or her car. It’s an eyesore, it stains fabric, and it can ruin the interior or exterior if not removed. Though there is car warranty coverage for bad transmissions and worn out belts and car insurance to help cover your own health, rust is a factor that is not usually included when it comes to coverage of your car’s health.
Thus, dealing with rust swiftly can be crucial in keeping your car in good shape.

While rust seems to accumulate easily, getting it off seems to take hours. Fortunately, these tips should make rust removal easier on everyone involved:

- White vinegar. Besides being an ecological cleaning power, white vinegar is effective in removing rust. The process is very simple: dunk a cloth in vinegar and wipe it over the rust stain and then scrub with sandpaper to remove the rust. The more rust there is, the more probability you will have to apply more vinegar.
- Lemon. Aromatic and 100% natural, lemon juice can be used in all types of cleaning, which include the removal of rust. The citric acid present in this fruit is very potent in removing rust stains. Just cut a lemon in half and rub it directly on the area to be treated. For more complicated cases, sprinkle the area with salt and lemon and let stand an overnight before washing and drying properly.
- Lime. Limes are also effective in combating the nasty rust areas. Simply squeeze the juice over the treatment area. If you want, add a little salt to get the sandpaper effect - which makes this duo truly unbeatable.

Keeping your car rust free should be part of every car maintenance routine. The efforts you put into removing rust will show in your car lasting for years to come.

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